Folks and Pera Team Up for Limited Edition NFTs

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2 min readApr 18, 2023

We’ve been working on something special for Algorand Governors and the Folksy Guys Community.

Introducing: FOLKSY GOVS

Customize your Folksy Guy with a Pera Governance NFT, and mint a Folksy Gov! This’ll let your Folksy Guy wear the Pera NFT as a necklace! The minting period starts on April 19th and finishes on May 7th. Don’t miss a chance to upgrade your NFTs!

Pera and Folks Finance: How did Folksy Govs come to be?

Folks Finance and Pera Wallet have been partners since before Folks’ testnet debut. Pera is a top-tier wallet, accessible on mobile and web, packed with functionality, yet simple and elegant for users. This type of experience is what Folks Finance strives to create — it’s what DeFi needs to gain further traction and adoption.

Both Pera Wallet and Folks Finance have related NFT collections, so a collaboration felt like a natural, fun expansion. As NFTs mature, the depth of their utility will continue to expand. We plan to expand the utility of Folksy Govs over time, as well.

Why should I mint a Folksy Gov?

You’ll get to keep your original NFTs after minting a Folksy Gov, and they’ll be minted using the ARC-19 standard, allowing Folksy Govs to be upgraded as time goes on.

There are some benefits of owning a Folksy Gov which you won’t want to miss:

  • 50% discount on fees on Pera
  • Voting power in Folksy Guys decision-making
  • Pera/Folksy customized theme on Folks Finance dApp
  • Games with prizes, giveaways, treasure hunts
  • Free tickets for Folks Finance events

More benefits will be added over time. Plus, Folksy Govs are ARC-19, meaning they may be able to be upgraded further in the future!

Each Folksy Guy gets one chance to mint a Folksy Gov. A list of used Folksy Guys will be published periodically so anyone purchasing one can know if it’s been used or not.

How do I mint?

In order to mint a Folksy Gov, you’ll need:

  • 1 Folksy Guy NFT
  • 1 Pera Governance NFT

Both of these NFTs will need to be held in the same Pera wallet at the time of minting your Folksy Gov.

Enjoy your Folksy Govs. If you post them on social media, be sure to tag @folksfinance!

With love,

  • The Folks Team



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