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2 min readJul 7


Here’s how to join the G8 Governors Giveaway.

As Algorand gets ready for Governance Period 8, Folks Finance is here to celebrate by hosting the G8 Governors Giveaway. With a 30,000 ALGO bag up for grabs, exclusive Dragonfi “Moon Dragon” prizes, and Zabava NFT Whitelist spots, the chance to boost your wallet is too good to pass up.

The giveaway begins on July 7th and will end on July 13th, in tandem with the closing of the G8 commitment period. It’ll be a busy week in the world of Algorand, so set a reminder to enter!

How do I enter?

Kick-starting your participation is simple. Navigate to Folks Finance’s Zealy Page and complete the initial quests in the “Start with Folks” section. Once completed, you’ll unlock access to the G8 Governors Giveaway section.

Now, it’s time to commit. 👀 All you need to do is commit a minimum of 5,000 ALGO and complete the second quest. If you’ve already completed the “Start with Folks” section in the past, you’ll gain automatic access to the G8 quests.

  • Pro Tip: You can utilize Leveraged Commit to turn 1,250 ALGO into 5,000 ALGO with 4x leverage! Just ensure you exceed the 5,000 ALGO threshold.

Double Your Chances

If you’re a Folksy Guy or Folksy Gov holder, you’re in luck! Your chances of winning the giveaway are doubled.

Treasure Awaits…

30 lucky governors will each win 1000 ALGO by completing the quests in the “G8 Governors Giveaway” section.

But there’s more! Another round will be held for an additional 10 prizes. Governors who completed one of the tasks from the Champions section could win a Dragonfi “Moon Dragon” which grants access to the Dragonfi community, or a Zabava NFT WL spot for their upcoming Epoch Sentinels collection.

Don’t miss this chance to take home some extra bacon! Ready to shoot your shot? Get started here.

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