Merch Madness Rules

Folks Finance
2 min readMar 1, 2023

Prove who makes the hottest merch around 🔥

This is not simply a fashion competition. This is… MERCH MADNESS!

We challenge you to create a collection of Folks Finance swag to stand out at the beach this summer. The competition will set 16 of our community’s finest artists against each other in a tournament to win the grand prize.

The items required are:

  • Hat or Headwear
  • Swimwear (male or female)
  • Beach Towel
  • Flip Flops



  • 10,000 gALGO
  • A box of your merch shipped to you
  • Your designs will be integrated into the Folks Finance merch rotation, to be given away and used in-person
  • Publicity and marketing boosts from the Folks social media accounts
  • Feature in the Folks Newsletter


  • 3,000 gALGO
  • Feature in the Folks Newsletter

Application Form Link Here

Design Criteria:

  • Designs must incorporate:
  • The Folks Finance Logo
  • At least 1 of the Folks Finance brand colors
  • Designs should:
  • Fit the theme of Folks Finance
  • Designs can incorporate:
  • Elements of your specific NFT project (if applicable)
  • Designs should not:
  • Be unrelated to Folks Finance

Timeframe: March 1st — March 30th


The core competition will take place on Twitter. Designs must be posted during the submission windows for each round, including the hashtag #folksmerch.

Voting will be conducted publicly via twitter polls during the voting periods.

Application Window: Wed. March 1st — Sun. March 5th:

During this time, applicants must fill out the Google Form to properly apply to the competition.

Round 1 — Headwear and Flip Flops

  • Submission Window: Wed. March 8 — Sat. March 11th
  • Voting Window: Mon. March 13th — Tues. March 14th

Round 2 — Beach Towel

  • Submission Window: Wed. March 15th — Sat. March 18th
  • Voting Window: Mon. March 20th — Tues. March 21st:

Round 3 — Swimwear

  • Wed. March 22 — Sat. March 25th
  • Mon. March 27th

FINAL — Full Outfit

  • Wed. March 29th — The final will bring the two finalists’ complete outfits against each other.

Winners Announcement

  • Thurs. March 30th: The winner of the grand prize will be announced on the penultimate day of the month.

Apply to participate now!

May the best artist win. Good luck! 🍀

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Folks Finance is a non-custodial DeFi protocol built on Algorand that offers a full set of DeFi tools for managing Digital assets. Since its launch in April, Folks Finance became one of the pillars of Algorand DeFi with its lending markets, farming options, and ALGO Liquid Governance. The mission of Folks Finance is to bridge the gap between traditional finance and decentralized finance — building the most efficient, flexible, and open DeFi tools, unlocking access to finance for everyone.



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