fStaking - higher yield depositing in Folks Finance

How does fStaking work?

By depositing an asset on Folks Finance, you receive the fToken that represents the ownership of that deposit.

  • Transfer them to another wallet.
  • Use them as collateral for borrowing.
  • Hold them and earn deposit interest for lending the deposited assets.
  • Stake them and earn an additional yield.

The Rewards

The amount of rewards for a 24-hour period is fixed. For example, setting a daily amount of 1000 ALGOs for staking fUSDC, if there are 100,000 fUSDC staked, then 1 fUSDC is earning 0.01 ALGO daily. The rewards distributed are in Algo and come from the 2M Algo Aeneas program for Folks Finance.

The fStaking utility for Folks Finance

Folks Finance fStaking has been designed to primarily mine liquidity for the highest requested asset on Folks Finance. Strong incentives would bring new depositors also coming from different ecosystems attracted by the high yield.

fStaking vs Lock & Earn?

Lock & Earn and fStaking might seem similar, yet Lock & Earn is a feature that allows users to deposit their funds by tending to lock-related fTokens for a fixed period.





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