Folks Finance x PancakeSwap: Unlock the DeFi Yield with xALGO

Folks Finance
2 min readJul 3, 2023


Folks Finance is launching xALGO, a cross-chain liquid staking innovation which brings the yield from Algorand governance to the BNB chain, historically averaging around 15% APR. To celebrate the launch and incentivise the first adopters, we’re announcing a Giveaway with 🔥30,000 xALGO🔥 as rewards!


With Folks Finance, you’ll get the best of both worlds — flexible DeFi staking & High APR. 🤝

There’s no better place for xALGO to start than the biggest DEX on BNB Chain — PancakeSwap. As an interest-bearing asset, xALGO accumulates value over time while connecting Algorand and BNB Chain, thanks to Wormhole technology.

Providing liquidity on xALGO/BNB PancakeSwap v3 farm and farming the xALGO/BNB LP token will give you a chance to earn xALGO rewards on top of staking yield — thanks to CAKE emissions and trading fees — which increases the efficiency of your capital and maximizes your returns. 📈

🗓️ Campaign Duration: 3rd July, 4:30 PM CET- 21st July, 4:30 PM CET

💰 Rewards:

🔥30,000 xALGO🔥 in xALGO tokens shared by 60 winners

☑️ Raffle: 24th July


60 winners will be chosen at random by Galxe’s Raffle system on July 24th.

Rewards will be airdropped to winners’ wallet addresses used to farm xALGO/BNB LP tokens for a minimum of 1 week between July 3rd and July 21st with a minimum of $200 USD in xALGO/BNB pool

After July 21st, xALGO liquidity providers and farmers will take part in a lucrative raffle with the rewards in xALGO totaling to 🔥30,000 xALGO🔥.

60 lucky winners will enjoy an $xALGO top-up in their wallets.

Provide liquidity of more than $200 USD in the xALGO/BNB pool, farm your LP tokens for more than 1 week, and you could win 500 $xALGO!

How to Get the Prize?

Complete the tasks on in the Folks Finance space to take part in the raffle:

✅ Follow Folks Finance & Pancakeswap on Twitter

✅ Like, comment, & retweet the main giveaway tweet

✅ Provide a minimum of $200 of liquidity to xALGO/BNB pool on PancakeSwap for at least 1 week between July 1st and 21st.

✅ Farm your LP tokens here:

On 21st of July, come back to Folks Finance space on to pass the verification and click “Participate in raffle”

And wait for the raffle on July 24th!



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