Folks Finance Releases Folks Router, an In-House DEX Aggregator

Folks Finance
2 min readAug 11


Folks Finance has announced the release of Folks Router, an in-house DEX aggregator. Folks Router aim is to provide the lowest fees and most efficient routes for swapping, and will be fully integrated into the Folks Finance dApp.

Folks Router accesses a total of 205 liquidity pools from three different partner DEXs: Humble, Pact, and Tinyman. This gives Folks Router deep liquidity to draw from, meaning it can provide the best prices for swaps. At the time of writing, 424 assets are available to trade, and users can interact with a total of 11,990 pairs of assets. Notably, Folks Router includes Lending Pools in its asset pairs, which offers another layer of liquidity and generates fees for those providing liquidity in Lending Pools.

When swapping, Folks Router supports split routing with up to 4 paths, and 3 swaps per path, with potential to expand these capabilities further. Folks Router supports both fixed-input and fixed-output swaps, meaning you will always receive exactly what you want.

Transactions are built compactly in Folks Router, which offers two distinct benefits: reduced transaction fees and increased opportunities for composability. These features, especially the latter, pave the way for more progressive and user-friendly products than Folks has ever launched before.

Folks Router is fully integrated into the Folks Finance dapp, which makes it easy for users to swap tokens. Actions such as swapping collateral, swapping borrowed assets, and swapping gALGO will benefit from the improved efficiency of Folks Router. Assets and pools are also dynamically updated, highlighting the moment’s popular trading pairs and tokens.

Folks Router charges a 0.1% flat fee on the swap output amount, which should be significantly lower than the amount of savings it brings.

The release of Folks Router is a major milestone for Folks Finance, further cementing the protocol as one of the most user-friendly and efficient DeFi platforms available.

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