Folks Finance looks to elevate NFTs on Algorand

Folks Finance
2 min readAug 1, 2023


As August begins, it’s time to make your voice heard on the xGov platform. Amongst the many proposals, one promises to uplift and propel the entire Algorand ecosystem: Folks Finance’s NFT Lending platform.

With over $80MM of TVL on the platform, and a full set of features successfully deployed on Algorand, Folks Finance has proven their ability to deliver top-quality financial tools for a variety of use-cases. Now, the Folks team has turned their attention to an area of the Algorand network in urgent need of innovation: the NFT and Real-World-Asset markets.

As it stands, the Algorand blockchain makes it impressively easy to tokenize assets, from real estate property tokens to in-game items. The NFT ecosystem is vibrant and diverse. However, the ability to financially leverage these NFTs is still in its infancy. This is where Folks Finance intends to make a difference.

The proposal includes a comprehensive development roadmap, starting with a peer-to-peer market for NFT collateralized loans, followed by an NFT auction smart contract and ending with a peer-to-pool marketplace. Folks Finance has requested 985,000 ALGO for the first milestone, with each subsequent milestone being proposed for voting in the following quarter. Click here to read the proposal and learn all the details.

The NFT Lending platform aims to give power back to NFT holders, enabling them to collateralize their NFTs in return for fungible tokens such as ALGO. Folks Finance’s goal is to develop the necessary infrastructure to facilitate NFT lending, promising extensive market research, stringent testing, and careful optimization to ensure the platform is user-friendly and secure. Furthermore, the entire development will be open-sourced, allowing other projects to integrate the technology and mold it according to their requirements.

To drive adoption, the Folks marketing team has established partnerships with numerous successful NFT projects, and these relationships will be leveraged to bring momentum and inclusivity to the NFT lending platform.

NFT Lending is a game-changer for the Algorand ecosystem. It unlocks the latent value in tokenized assets, enabling easier access to liquidity. Beyond immediate impact, it sets the groundwork for a proliferation of benefits and revenue throughout the Algorand network, opening up new possibilities in the tokenization space.

By supporting the NFT Lending proposal, you’re not just voting for an innovative project — you’re investing in the future of the Algorand ecosystem. With the world’s economy gradually moving on-chain, the potential applications of this technology are immense.

The voting period is between August 1st and 31st. Every vote counts, and your vote can help pave the way for a brighter future on Algorand. Support Folks Finance’s NFT lending proposal and help unlock the true potential of NFTs on Algorand.

Click here to cast your vote.



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