Folks Finance kicks off Audit Boost Program on Immunefi with $100,000 Bounty

Folks Finance
2 min readJul 9, 2024


Security researchers and whitehats can compete for the prize put forward by the crosschain lending protocol.

July, 2024

Folks Finance has stumped up $100,000 as a bounty for hackers who can identify vulnerabilities in the code for their upcoming xLending expansion, an innovative crosschain lending protocol built with Wormhole, Chainlink CCIP, and Circle CCTP as core infrastructure.

The bounty is set up through Immunefi’s Boost Program, giving a time limit to those willing to participate. $50,000 of the total bounty is guaranteed to be paid out to participants. Stakes are high, and the competition will be fierce.

Folks’ Immunefi Bounty will be live from July 16th, 2024, to August 6th, 2024.

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About Folks Finance: Folks Finance is a pioneering DeFi platform that offers cross-chain lending, borrowing, staking and trading. With a focus on security, efficiency, and user empowerment, Folks Finance delivers a user experience akin to centralized exchanges, setting a new standard for DeFi applications.

About Immunefi: Immunefi is the largest crowdsourced security platform for web3. Immunefi guards over $190 billion in user funds across projects like Chainlink, Wormhole, MakerDAO, TheGraph, Synthetix, Polygon, Optimism, and others. The company has paid out the most significant bug bounties in the software industry, amounting to over $100 million, and has pioneered the scaling web3 bug bounties standard. For more information, please visit



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