Folks Finance G12 Challenge: 50,000 ALGO to win, and a chance to join Folks Alpha!

Folks Finance
2 min readJul 9, 2024


Get ready for the Folks Finance G12 Challenge on Zealy, in which you could win some of 50,000 ALGO! G12 brings new quests and challenges for both seasoned competitors and newcomers.

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Those who collect the most points during this quarter could be invited to join Folks Alpha, a small group of elite community members who get special benefits and access to the Folks team.

To kickstart the journey, participants are required to join Folks Finance by completing a verification process to ensure their humanity. Then, follow Folks’ social channels. Once onboarded, you can dive into various missions:

Algo Liquid Governance with gALGO: Participants must mint gALGO by committing a minimum of 100 ALGO to Algo Liquid Governance. It’s essential to maintain this commitment until the end of the G12 period. Each participant can only complete one quest from this category.

Folks Ninjas: Participants are encouraged to engage with features such as depositing, borrowing, Lending Pools and trading with Ultraswap. Additional quests may be introduced for newly-launched features and Folks Finance’s Cross-chain Lending launch.

Community Boosting: Folks Finance values outstanding content creation and active community engagement. Participants can showcase their talents through various mediums like videos, articles, or memes, with the most creative work being shared within Folks Finance’s channels.

Folks Academy: For those keen on mastering Folks Finance and DeFi, Folks Academy provides high-quality educational video content to stay updated on new features and enhance blockchain knowledge.

At the end of the G12 sprint, rewards totaling 50,000 ALGO will be distributed among the top 30 participants on the Leaderboard. Out of the total amount, 5,000 ALGO will be randomly distributed among the top 10 positions, weighting the first place more heavily and decreasing the amounts down to the tenth place. Additionally, 5 random Folksy Guys NFT holders that complete the minimum of 5 quests will get awarded 200 ALGO each.

Participants can begin their quests by accessing the Zealy Questboard provided in the link. Let the competition begin!

About Folks Finance: Folks Finance is a pioneering DeFi platform that offers cross-chain lending, borrowing, staking and trading. With a focus on security, efficiency, and user empowerment, Folks Finance delivers a user experience akin to centralized exchanges, setting a new standard for DeFi applications.



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