Folks Finance G10 Challenge: 50,000 ALGO to win!

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3 min readJan 8, 2024


Thanks for taking part in Folks’ Zealy quests last quarter! It was an intense competition amongst the top contestants. Congratulations to all the winners of G9!

Now that G10 has started, we are thrilled to announce a new tournament on, inviting contestants old and new! The competition will be tougher than ever with the introduction of new quests and challenges to conquer.

Start with Folks

Let’s keep it simple. First, get onboarded with Folks Finance — verify your humanity and follow our social channels. Then jump into the next level.

Algo Liquid Governance with gALGO

The most popular DeFi strategy on Algorand: Algo Liquid Governance allows users to receive higher rewards than from traditional Algorand governance. To complete this mission, you must mint gALGO by committing at least 100 ALGO to Algo Liquid Governance.

🚨 Remember to maintain your commitment until the end of the G10 period (March 31st). We will check at the end of the competition. We will only accept 1 quest from the G10 gALGO category per user. In other words, you can complete the quest for 100, 500, 1000, or +2,000 gALGO.

Algo Liquid Governance with xALGO

To complete this mission, you must mint at least 100 xALGO from Algorand on Avalanche or Binance Smart Chain and submit your AVAX / BSC transaction ID.

xALGO, the cross-chain liquid staking solution, brings the yield from Algorand governance to BNB Chain and Avalanche. xALGO is the first cross-chain liquid staking product between Algorand and other chains, opening up new opportunities for users to capitalize on ALGO holdings. Due to its interest-bearing nature, the value of xALGO has increased over time, becoming higher than the ALGO.

🚨 Remember to maintain your gALGO or xALGO till the end of the commitment window. We will check at the end of the competition. We will only accept 1 quest from the G10 xALGO category per user. In other words, you can complete the quest for minting 100, 500, 1000, or +2,000 xALGO.

Folks Ninjas

Deposit, borrow, and trade with Ultraswap, use Lending Pools, and get rewarded. Along the way, we’ll add more quests for newly-launched features, so stay tuned and don’t miss out!

Community Boosting

We’ve witnessed outstanding content creation, active participation in our community channels, and rapid amplification of our announcements. We want to give you more space to showcase your talents, whether it’s videos, articles or memes. The most creative work will be shared within our channels!

Folks Academy

If you’re eager to master Folks Finance and DeFi, look no further than Folks Academy. We provide high-quality educational video content for you to stay up-to-date on Folks Finance’s new features and enhance your blockchain knowledge.

Start the quests and let the competition begin! Link to Questboard

Prize details

The top 30 on the Leaderboard from the G10 sprint will be rewarded handsomely with a total of 45,000 ALGO.

Total ALGO: 45,000

1° 🥇 4,500

2° 🥈 4,000

3° 🥉 3,500

4° 🏅 2,500

5° 🏅 2,400

6° 🏅 2,300

7° 🏅 2,200

8° 🏅 2,100

9° 🏅 2,000

10° 🏅 1,900

11° 🏅 1,800

12° 🏅 1,700

13° 🏅 1,600

14° 🏅 1,500

15° 🏅 1,300

16° 🏅 1,200

17° 🏅 1,100

18° 🏅 1,000

19° 🏅 850

20° 🏅 800

21° 🏅 700

22° 🏅 650

23° 🏅 600

24° 🏅 550

25° 🏅 500

26° 🏅 450

27° 🏅 400

28° 🏅 350

29° 🏅 300

30° 🏅 250

🎲 25 prizes will be drawn among all G10 participants (current sprint):

Total ALGO: 5.000

We will draw 25 prizes among all participants, and Folksy Guys NFT holders will have double chance to win a spot. You must have completed at least 5 quests to qualify for this draw.

🏆 Prize: 200 ALGO each.

To add a cherry on top, the first all time contestants will be granted with exclusive Folks Discord roles that will give them a special status in the Folks Finance community with potential benefits in the future.

Ready? Let’s get started:

About Folks Finance:
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