Folks Finance Enables Direct Onramp Solution

It’s now easier than ever to bring assets into Folks Finance thanks to the new integration with Pera Onramp.

Accessing DeFi should be easy, but right now, it’s not. Having to navigate through centralized exchanges and send crypto to a wallet address is more complicated than most people are ready for. Yet everyone deserves to access the freedom and flexibility offered by DeFi systems, especially Folks Finance.

Today, it’s a pleasure to announce that users can now bring assets directly into the Folks Finance app using Pera Onramp. Built by the long-time partner of Folks, Pera Onramp is the most advanced onramping tool available for Algorand DeFi, giving users the ability to purchase ALGO, USDCa, and USDTa with fiat and have those assets deposited directly into their wallets. Pera Onramp is available to users all over the globe, supported in 125 countries and usable with 45 different payment methods. Asset prices are also sourced from the most reliable providers, including Banxa, Moonpay, Sardine, Transak, and Wyre, ensuring your purchase is always at the best available price.

If your wallet needs funding, give Pera Onramp a try today on!



Non-custodial DeFi tools for managing your digital assets.

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