Consider this your invitation to work in Algorand DeFi: Folks Finance needs you!

Join the Folks Finance Ambassador Program!

Folks Finance


We’re looking for ambassadors from all corners of the globe to represent the Folks protocol. Community expansion is a primary focus for us in 2023, and we’ll need all the help we can get.

Why are we starting an ambassador program?

We recognize the need to inform, educate, and guide all people who want to be part of the global revolution DeFi will bring. Being a Folks Finance ambassador means making an impact on the industry you love. We’re looking for driven, focused individuals who can provide real value. Of course, your work won’t be met with a handshake and a smile. Ambassadors will be rewarded in gALGO depending on the impact of their efforts.

100,000 gALGO has been allocated to this program, with plans to increase this amount as the program grows.

What will an ambassador do?

The Folks Ambassador role is flexible; we’d like you to show your unique strengths. Whether that be community management, translation, writing articles, making videos, creating memes, social media management, or running in-person events, every type of contribution is welcomed.

Here are some examples of potential tasks an ambassador can accomplish:

  • Generate engaging content for the community: articles, reviews, videos, presentations, infographics, memes, podcasts.
  • Translate our documentation, announcements, blog posts, explain newly-released features in your native language.
  • Create and develop local communities and communication channels: Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Youtube, Medium, Reddit.
  • Host meetups and present on behalf of Folks Finance.
  • Represent your region in the official Folks Finance community.
  • Get support for initiatives supporting the Folks Finance’s mission.
  • Participate in regular update calls with other ambassadors and Folks Finance team members.

What could I get for being a Folks Finance ambassador?

Each ambassador can propose the scope of their contribution, and that will directly determine the rewards they receive. Rewards may…



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