Create dashboards on Dune Analytics to win up to $1000!

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3 min readOct 12, 2023

Calling all devs, designers, statisticians, and mathematicians. Folks Finance needs your help to create analytics dashboards on Dune Analytics for xALGO. This will help to increase transparency and understanding of xALGO activity, and will make it easier for anyone to track key metrics and identify trends!

Folks Finance is the largest DeFi protocol on Algorand, and has a liquid staking product called xALGO which bridges the ALGO token into BNB Chain. xALGO is a yield-bearing token, liquid and tradable on Pancakeswap, and can be provided as liquidity to the Pancakeswap pool to collect fees from traders. xALGO is the first ever instance of ALGO on BNB Chain.

Dune Analytics is a powerful blockchain data platform that makes on-chain data accessible and consumable. It provides a free SQL editor and interface for querying and visualizing data from Ethereum, Bitcoin, Polygon, BNB Chain, Solana, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Optimism, Fantom and Gnosis Chain.

This is a request to the Folks community: create analytics dashboards on Dune Analytics to track xALGO and you could win up to $1000!

To register for the bounty, please complete this simple Google Form.

Here are some potential metrics that you could build dashboards for:

  • TVB (total value bridged): the total value of ALGO that have been bridged and minted as xALGO liquid staking pool.
  • Volume: the total amount of xALGO that is and/or has been traded on PancakeSwap.
  • Transaction count: the total number of transactions that are or have been made with xALGO on PancakeSwap.
  • Unique Holders: the number of different addresses that hold xALGO.
  • xALGO/ALGO price ratio: how much xALGO is worth compared to ALGO.
  • xALGO/BNB price ratio: how much xALGO is worth compared to BNB.
  • xALGO/USDC price ratio: This metric shows how much xALGO is worth compared to USDC.
  • xALGO staking rewards: the total amount of ALGO rewards that have been paid out to xALGO stakers.
  • xALGO liquidity on PancakeSwap: how much xALGO is currently being used to provide liquidity to the xALGO/BNB pool on PancakeSwap.

You could work on other metrics too that you find more useful!

Projects will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Accuracy & Completeness: The data is accurate, trustworthy and provides a complete analysis of xALGO.
  • Clarity & Readability: The visualization and data are well explained, documented and easy to read/understand.
  • Insights & Originality: The analysis shows the originality of insights from the submitter.

The deadline for submission is October 30, 2023, and contestants must submit their Dune Analytics Dashboard here for consideration.

We’re looking for high quality dashboards. The prize can be as high as $1,000 and can be shared among several winners. Folks Finance reserves judgment to award a lower amount if we believe created dashboards are lacking.

To get a deep dive and learn more about xALGO:

We encourage you to be creative and to build dashboards that you would love to use.

Let’s go!

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