Algorand Governance Period 12 Updates

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2 min readJun 29, 2024


Ciao, Folks!

Fresh out of the Decipher Conference in Barcelona, we’re entering Algorand Governance Period 12, bringing another window to join the global decision-making process for Algorand’s Ecosystem. Governance has been successfully running for nearly three years, and it’s more important than ever for guiding the direction of the ecosystem.

In this article, we’ll summarize how to join Governance through Folks Finance, granting access to simple voting processes and increased ALGO distribution.

If you’d like to catch up on the voting results from Gov11, click here and select “Algorand Period 11” to read through.


Mint gALGO here.

Learn how with Folks Academy.

What is gALGO:

gALGO is the Liquid Governance Token for ALGO, distributed via smart contract to Liquid Governance users on Folks. Mint gALGO by depositing ALGO into the Liquid Governance portal. gALGO is the most popular Liquid Staking option on Algorand, highly liquid and usable around the Algorand ecosystem, allowing you to earn ALGO from Governance while keeping your flexibility.

Find a complete list of gALGO use cases in our Ecosystem Directory.

Mint gALGO here.

Learn how with Folks Academy.


  • gALGO pools on partnered decentralized exchanges have enough depth to support trades of significant size, empowering you to invest back into the market while earning yield in the background.
  • Using Folks Router will give you the most efficient swaps into your favorite coins.

Lending Pools

  • Deposit gALGO and ALGO to earn yield from Pact’s DEX fees and the Folks Lending Markets.

gALGO as Collateral

  • Use your gALGO as collateral to borrow a variety of assets, from stablecoins to crypto to precious metals.
  • Multiply your Governance voting power with Leveraged Commit.


Use gALGO to purchase pieces on partnered NFT Marketplaces.

Find a complete list of gALGO use cases in our Ecosystem Directory.


Complete quests on the Folks Zealy page for points that could win you a piece of 50,000 ALGO in prizes. Additionally, the next Folks Alpha could be chosen from the top 10 Folks Zealy participants, giving special privileges including open communication with the Folks team. Will you take the chance to become a superstar of the community?

Make sure to explore the Folks Zealy page, and turn on notifications for Folks’ X account to be first for every announcement.

More in Store

Q3 is set to be the most exciting period for Folks Finance in a long time with the launch of Folks’ crosschain expansion.

Stay tuned and watch for important updates by joining our community and social channels.

Happy Minting! You’ll hear more from the Folks team soon.



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