15,000 gALGO Up for Grabs in the Liquid Governor Giveaway!

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3 min readApr 11, 2023


🎉 It’s a time of celebration!

Algorand Governance Period 7 marks the beginning of the xGov program, a monumental step forward toward the decentralization of Algorand. Folks Finance wants to share this moment with you! We’re no strangers to a giveaway, so 15,000 gALGO, plus Akita Kennel Club whitelist spots, have been set aside to be split amongst a handful of lucky governors who choose Liquid Governance as their platform for G7. Without further ado, let’s get into the rules!

You may be familiar with the format if you’ve taken part in a Liquid Governance giveaway before, but we’ve upgraded the systems this time. We’re using zealy.io to track the progress of entrants and give you an exciting and competitive experience while completing the Folks quests. Completing quests on Folks Finance’s zealy.io page will give you better chances of winning bigger prizes. The quest starts today and will last till April 21st.

Getting Started:

The first threshold is to commit 1000 ALGO to Liquid Governance and pass the Start with Folks quest. You have a chance to win 10% of your commitment, scaling from commitments of 1000 to 5000.

  • For 1000+ ALGO committed, win an additional 100 gALGO plus a standard Akita Kennel Club whitelist spot
  • For 2000+ ALGO committed, win an additional 200 gALGO plus a standard Akita Kennel Club whitelist spot
  • For 3000+ ALGO committed, win additional 300 gALGO plus a standard Akita Kennel Club whitelist spot
  • For 4000+ ALGO committed, win an additional 400 gALGO plus a gem Akita Kennel Club whitelist spot, guaranteeing a rare mint!
  • For 5000+ ALGO committed, win an additional 500 gALGO plus a gem Akita Kennel Club whitelist spot, guaranteeing a rare mint!

5 lucky winners will be randomly selected for each of the categories highlighted above!

Are you a Champion?

If you want to win even more, compete for an additional 500 gALGO by passing through the Champions Quest and completing the tasks you’d like. Each task grants you a certain amount of points. The more points you earn, the higher your position in the leaderboard is.

In the Champions section you can win an additional +500 gALGO! To be able to pass the Champions section, you first need to fulfill the basic requirements: commit the min of 1,000 ALGO and complete the “Start with Folks” quest.

All the Champions that passed the threshold in the leadership board will be raffled for + 500 gALGO (10 champions will be rewarded). The threshold to take part in the raffle is 255 points.

Benefits for Folksy Guys Holders:

If you hold a Folksy Guy, it gets even better! 5 lucky Folksy Guys holders who’ve committed the minimum of 1,000 gALGO and passed the “Start with Folks” quest on zealy.io will win an additional 500 gALGO! If you’re not a Folksy Guys NFT holder, but want to become one, you can get the NFTs here.

What’s the best I could do?

Let’s theorize for a moment. If you:

  • Completed the Start with Folks quest
  • Committed 5000+ ALGO
  • Score enough points the Champions quest raffle
  • Hold a Folksy Guy

You could win 1500 gALGO and a gem Akita Kennel Club whitelist spot!

Are you going to watch, or are you going to win?

Let’s go! https://zealy.io/c/folksfinance/questboard

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